Can you mix religion; the supernatural and common sense into Commercial Fiction? Absolutely!

This is my first blog post. Yes, I am nervous. So here goes…

I wanted to create characters that everybody could identify with and that are multi faceted with rich, complexities that makes them very believeable and human. By September 1st of this year, I will throw this novel into the universe and see what happens. Part of the inexplicable joys of being a writer is to create an incredible story that not only has you talking about the story once its finished, it changes the way you may see things. I like to call that, the Norman Lear Rule. Hypocrisy, prejudice and of course society creates the ‘rules’ we all must follow to be seen, ‘normal’, but what is normalcy exactly? Does anyone truly know?

As a practicing Catholic I believe each and every single one of us has a ‘special gift’ that The Lord has given. How we use it; how it is seen; how its used is the question. I love romance and suspensful on the edge of your seat drama for characters that have messy lives. Part of the fun is to see how they interact and face consequences for their choices. Everything happens for a reason. One choice-can change history for many for the good-or the bad. When we are at our lowest point and need that special guidance, we ask for God to intervene as we pray over our plights and tragic circumstances and he answers us in his own way.

The supernatural is explored through books and movies and even some reality series but rarely through a religious point of view. The world has a fascination with the unknown and unexplained so I thought, ‘What if I created a Catholic character with a special gift that lives in a very structured world?

‘The World isn’t ready for someone like me.’ 

Let’s see if they are.

Divine Intervention debuts on Amazon…Sept 1, 2013