LA bound for The Quest…very soon.

They say life is filled with happy accidents, so I’m about to challenge that theory when I hit the road to Los Angeles to partake in Scott Meyer’s The Quest, a master-screenwriting class offered only to twelve writers for one-on-one training from gointothestory.blcklst.com/  .  It can’t get any better than that so every opportunity for me to bring my vision from Divine Intervention to the big screen, is only a stone’s throw away-as long as I learn, observe and go the distance. 

For the past 25 years, (yes readers I am-that old-I carry more than one pair of reading glasses on my head at times) all I have ever wanted to do was write compelling, unforgettable characters that actors can sink their teeth into. But years ago, Hollywood wasn’t letting anyone into the door unless you knew someone. Well, I knew a few people. Several big wigs in fact, but not enough to break that glass ceiling, nor did they think I had enough gumption to fight for what I want.  Sometimes, you just have to go for it and it took going through a life changing experience to learn what was right in front of me.

In Divine I say, ‘everything always happens for a reason’  and truer words couldn’t be more exact. I had to shed a marriage, two kids, my former last name and of course, lots and lots of Carol King to understand, that as the axis keeps on turning in this world, and every year brings my birth to a higher number, my burning desire to write incredible characters hasn’t changed. I wrote two novels in the span of eight years and became afraid of what I didn’t even see-the unknown. Trying isn’t failure… quitting is.

One person’s idea, can create jobs, deliver happiness, sadness, bring awareness to a persons surroundings, build careers, make you think and change viewpoint of the world by just putting it to paper. With social media, people are much closer to being heard-so never stay silent. Absorb knowledge and learn from it. That’s what I plan to do for four days in Santa Monica with twelve writers-build something that can change viewpoint. Going on a Quest and going the distance.

The Waiting Game is a challenge for a writer.

At least for me. I have to admit, when I throw things into the universe with God’s blessing, its difficult waiting for the end result. I may have to get a yo-yo like my main character has…must ponder that idea.

Anyways, its August now and I only have a little over three weeks to go until Divine Intervention is available on 9/01/13 for everyone to read on Amazon. It’s been a long journey revising and editing a story idea I had eight years ago but it feels really good to be confident with what you’ve created and hope it takes off like wildfire. I had twenty sample readers all with eclectic styles of reading, and not one of them hated this book. In fact, the demand for me to finish the second novel, Divine Providence is already being echoed so that’s grand! This was a huge test for me because I wasn’t sure how the readers would react but all twenty, loved the story and the good news is, the story continues.

So here goes…A summary of Divine Intervention

   Reeling from the repercussions of an Internal Affairs investigation and a secret affair with the Attorney General’s wife, jaded, NYPD homicide Detective Tanner O’Shea’s world is about to change when a mysterious 911 call is made from Logan International Airport recounting the murder of a thirteen year old trafficking victim, thirty-six hours before the crime occurred. His new partner, Leonard O’Malley knows the witness’ identity-his cousin, Lucille ‘Lucky’ Davidson, who broke Tanner’s heart by ending their engagement and moving to Boston six years ago carrying a deep, dark secret. A force of events brings the two back into each other’s orbit when she becomes the PR director for the Attorney General, and agrees to help Leonard investigate their homicide case by using her ‘special gifts’ embroiling them into the underground world of the slave trade and politics, while angering a Serbian mob boss who becomes obsessed with Lucky, the girl with green eyes.  

Book Two-Divine Providence will be out 12/13