Are Criminals born not made?

A bizarre question to ask, yes?

Apparently not. How many of you were surprised by the shooting today in DC? Such a horrific tragedy. 12 people dead plus the shooter a former Naval Veteran. I won’t even mention the shooter’s name because to me, the last thing I want to do is draw attention to him and divert away from the main issue here:

Are criminals born not made?

According to biological theorists Charles Darwin,(1809-1882) criminals are born not made because of your genetetic make up.  Patricia Jacobs (1934-) agrees. She believes there’s such a thing as a supermale because those who commits crimes have an extra Y chromosome. Franz Gall believes in Phrenology and Cesare Lombroso(1835-1909) the father of criminology, examined the cadavers of executed criminals believing their skulls were larger. Does this shock you?

It shocked me too. I’ve always believed that most criminals were made from their upbringing-their sense of morality and values. But with all of the shootings lately, I am not so sure anymore. We’ve had over five very violent acts committed against innocent Americans in the past sixteen months-Sandy Hook, Aurora, Denver Co, Texas, Boston, and now DC.  But Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier, stated as of now there’s “no known motive for the shootings.”

This man bought used weapons  legally, then went to the Navy yard on the third and fourth floors, and open fired on innocent people with no escape plan. In other words, this new breed of criminals, have no fear of dying or taking someone else’s life regardless. So how do we stop it?  We can’t seem to fight terrorists because they’re waiting for thousands of virgins  to welcome them with open arms! Do we throw billions of dollars to another analogy on why this is happening?  Did the devil make him do it? Is he’s nuts? A sociopath?  A skilled, military vet who was studying aeronautics, had access to a top security military base even while living in the state of Texas.

To those who believe to own their assault weapons is their right-(I too, am a gun owner) yeah, as it was this man’s God given right, yes?  A former military officer who decided to go on a killing rampage and took the lives of 12 innocent people.  If we as a society are supposed to protect the majority of citizens of America, and we as a republic have the overall right to do what is necessary to protect so there is a safe environment for all, then why hasn’t the House  or even the Senate, who was on mandatory lock-down for hours, agreed that it could have been any one of them who was killed today-or one of their loved ones instead of blaming the Executive Branch? That doesn’t fly with me because Congress MAKES THE LAWS! 

For Michael Arnold, age 59; Sylvia Frasier, age 53; Kathy Gaarde, age 62; John Roger Johnson, age 73; Frank Kohler, age50; Kenneth Bernard Proctor, age 46; and Vishnu Pandit, age 61, their lives are over while our broken system continues to argue and shift blame over ‘rights’ being compromised…what about these innocent people? How sick is that, seriously?

What happened to moral responsibility to the social contract we all have with society to live freely as Americans?

If we want to stop crime, why are we continuing to make it EASY for crime to be committed? Cesare Becharria (1738-1794) who’s Classical School of Criminology influenced our own founding fathers while writing the Bill of Rights, believed in crime and punishment and that we all have ‘free will‘ to commit these heinous, acts.  We also have ‘free will to stop it, do we not? Legislative Branch, are you listening? You make the why won’t you be a problem solver not an instigator?

I’m slowly beginning to agree with my Criminal Justice professor-“You want to make a ton of money and do absolutely nothing to earn it? Become a politician.”


How to write, work full-time, and attend school while dealing with MS.

Not always an easy task.

But you do it.

Many friends and colleagues of mine always ask me, ‘why do you always overload yourself?You need to take it easy, and slow down,’  and while this is true, I simply cannot follow that repertoire. Perhaps its because I’m a stubborn, Irish gray-eyed nut who has a brain that travels past the speed of light and any commercial breaks during Breaking Bad, or it’s probably because I have the hardest time telling myself how to say no…So I don’t.

I think it goes back to when I was a pig-tailed brat growing up at the end of the 70’s, (best era in my opinion) and being a child of divorce. At that time, everybody was telling me, ‘no you can’t go down the street’,  ‘no, you can’t see your father this weekend;’ ‘no, you can’t get a hot fudge sundae from Baskin Robbins’; ‘no, you can’t have a goldfish’; ‘no you can’t stop disco from dying’ and no,(this was my favorite) you can’t work at Rainbow Records for free, you’re only 9 years old!’

But I didn’t listen and found  different ways to achieve those goals, (except for disco dying for awhile…) by not giving in to the negative, no matter who said it and why.  So instead of hearing no, how about saying, ‘well let’s try another approach’ before we make a final judgement? Especially when it comes to the word, no?

I find seeing the glass always half full simply means, there’s a lot more we can do to fill it to the top. With MS or any other disease, you cannot abandon this belief. Understand, this disease is unpredictable and every person is unique from their symptoms, to their inner make-up. There’ll always be issues that separates us as a society, even situations that can change a  persons opinions with how we view things.

It starts with you from the moment you wake up till the end of the day when you say good night, the moment is yours to change and people will listen. So no matter how many times someone tells you ‘no, you can’t do that,’  say yes, you can!

All dreams are possible as long as you keep reaching and actively moving toward them.

September starts off with a bang!

Between the fall leaves and Vegas’ heatwave, the new season is definitely bringing a new-found energy into the universe. I’m still in awe of the #BlackSabbath concert on Sunday-what. a. show! It definitely ranks up there as one of the top five concerts I’ve attended. Ozzy was amazing.

Now that I’ve started college classes, it felt weird at first being the oldest, youngest looking co-ed on campus-kinda cool, actually. I realized something I never even considered in high-school-if I do the work, I shouldn’t have any problems passing. The discussions prick your intellect with electricity and keep your brain hungry for more.

Criminal Justice, for instance, has been quite fascinating. I realize not one member of congress has understood the Constitution. Checks and balances are placed in by the framers to prevent an over-reach of power to our government. So what has been evolving for the past fifteen years? And overreach of power, not just in the Executive Branch, but the Judicial, and Legislative branches as well. I mean, seriously, it says it right there in black and white and this isn’t someone’s interpretation-this is what was intended- so one branch of govt wasn’t more powerful than the other. So why is it our political parties do not understand the word compromise? Perhaps its because of the language that is being spouted in the propaganda machines…or it could be many members of congress have failed to read their Constitution…or it could just be, government no longer cares, and wants a MAJORITY on everything?  Well that sucks because a full fledged majority on either side is not about checks and balances- its about absolute power of one party. And then there is a split majority…oh that gives us gridlock and the all or nothing mentality. So who benefits? Not us tax payers or moderate centrists. We just want moderate voices that are willing to compromise in a very bitter divide, simple as that. I’m proud to be a member of  because it is all about making government work again and the only way to start, is to find congressmen and women who want to reach across the aisle and work together. What a concept, right? It IS what the framers intended DC just doesn’t want you to realize it.

The book is finally out and on Amazon you can find it here:  I am very proud of this for several reasons-but the main one is to save lives. If I can rescue just even one child from the slave trade by educating them or a parent, its all worth it. Sex trafficking is one of the top three crimes in the world, and very little is being done about it. Thanks to organizations, like Safe Horizon and Polaris Project  (Who I was more than happy to promote) strides are being made in protecting children and victims that are bought and sold into the slave trade. Please keep in mind, I had to do quite a bit of research on this project. I take this issue very seriously and plan on writing about it in future books. It is just something that shouldn’t be ignored. I’ve been a nail technician in LV for over two decades and I am deeply concerned that traffickers are using the nail/spa industry to fund trafficking. In every state, State Board of Cosmetology has a rule of guidelines that must be followed…but not all  are the same for every state, so businesses have an easier time than others in getting established under the radar, for a few months before they are shuffled to the next operation in another state. Its heartbreaking and mind numbing to think that every person who goes into a nail shop, assumes they are in a legitimate business-unfortunately they aren’t, and the way to shut down these illegal practices and strengthen the industry with a solid reputation, is to educate consumers from these types of establishments by advocating  their states to enforce tougher laws- such as all 50 states must comply with ten laws across the board. Speak up if you feel your nail shop isn’t up to par, from sanitation to the quality of the work-you could have a trafficking victim working on you and not even realize it.

Working on Divine Providence vol. 2 of the Lucky Chronicles which will deal with hate crimes in December.


Off and running and getting ready to go to LA next month to train with Scott Meyers from  and very excited. Have a wonderful week readers!


God Bless!