Dear Reince…

I cannot for the life of me understand your endgame for the Republican Party. No, seriously it is truly mystifying watching you defend a con artist like Donald Trump. Perhaps you, like the disgraced, sexual predator Roger Ailes, and his Igor-centric pseudo-journalist, Sean Hannity, believe that we true conservatives, not the Alt. Right Breitbart scum-sucking swallowing teahadist/trumpists, are unenlightened about the GOP candidate. It truly escapes rationality that Chairman believes no matter how many times he forces Trump to reset his campaign, that center-right will blindly support a deceitful, xenophobic, misogynist, alleged raping, [according to divorce transcripts] legendary flip-flopper, twitter-trolling, Mein Kamph-reading, Kremlin ass-kissing, NILS [Name In Lights Syndrome] suffering, media-whoring, bully, for Commander in Chief just because there’s an “R” by his name.

Have you seen the polls? 

I wouldn’t be surprised that by the time this election season folds, and the final tally of electoral votes are counted, that your alcoholic mini-bars are bare like Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. You’ll be discovered lying under that shallow desk of yours, lamenting on and on like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz, grasping to that last bottle of Bard’s Birth as calls from prominent leaders on Capitol Hill shriek in condescension for your resignation.

Here’s a reality check, RNC chairman.

Republicans and Independents are not voting for Hillary Clinton because they think she’s honest. Hell, we know she has a Pinocchio complex. We are not voting for her like the Blue Fairy hoping she’ll become a real person with integrity. Our bar is really, really low thanks to your nominee. We are not voting for her because RINOS are suddenly liberals. In fact, far left deems ol Miss Hilly as a hawkish Republican. We are not voting for her because she’s forgiven for her email debauchery. To be honest, I have email fatigue. I don’t care anymore because its petty bullshit compared to the real issues I’ve seen in this campaign. When I see leaders of Freedom Caucus cite Clinton for perjury in order to elect an ally of Vladimir Putin, that trumps everything and casts a darker cloud over the lost soul of the Republican Party.

GOP Priorites are out of touch with 2/3 of the American People.

How does one compare an email scandal that lacks criminal intent to a demented narcissist that shames Gold Star families, people with disabilities, [like myself] demeans educated women, [Megyn Kelly and Mika Brzezinski] picks fights on Twitter, legitimizes racism, capitalizes on a tragedy in Baton Rouge just for a photo-op, and finally, wants to use the Peoples’ House to televise The Apprentice from the Situation Room?

Why should educated republicans and independents like myself, already taunted by the rising alternative right vote for their despicably rotten, incompetent tangerine-colored man child who puts his vanity above all including National Security of the United States?

A wise writer friend of mine recently put it best: If you found a skunk and a jackal on your doorstep, which one are you going to shoot?

As long as Costco carries four years worth of V8, I can live with the smell.


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