Time To Pivot Hillary: Do a Press Conference.

Hillary Clinton’s Worst Enemy isn’t Donald Trump. It’s Herself.

I say this with the utmost sincerity. Donald Trump and the alt. right are a serious threat to our country, yet Hillary ignores the outsized elephant shitting in the room. It is her race to lose, and she’s losing to herself.

Here’s a solution because conservatives want Trump to lose by a huge margin, and we’re willing to help but dammit she’s got to step up and earn our trust. I want that Trump referendum so teahadists are kicked out of office and fraudulent pseudo-journalist whores like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and the rest of alternative right are humiliated, thrown out on their ass, and silenced to the attic where they belong.

Her come to Jesus moment is to earn the trust of the American People. Take the high road. Be transparent, not cryptic, or guarded. The fear of being a headline for Breitbart or Hannity’s hate machine is the least of your worries. Trust me they already hate you. However, Center right conservatives are resigned to the fact that the GOP candidate is a danger to national security and seriously is an unhinged, nacho colored wanna-be dictator. After that fascist, “Make America White Again,” love fest in Arizona followed by ringing endorsements from Ann “the godmother of Aryan Nation” Coulter and Grand Wizard David Duke, he’s not moving up in the polls.

She is going down.

Hillary’s unfavorables fluctuate like a ego centric fool swimming against high tide in the Atlantic. Volatile, and unknown, a set course that many grudging conservative sailors are forced to take. It wasn’t easy for republicans to endorse Clinton. Her inability to come clean for fear of discomfiture is like a four-year old hiding chocolate chip cookies behind her back. We have no visual proof she took it, yet the paper wrappers scattered all over the floor and the chocolate goo gummed on her fingers builds tells a different story. The longer she denies it, the more the American people just want to send sneaky Hillary to her room.

It is draining on the mind, day after day to assess Hillary the litigator in action, splicing arguments, and giving a backhanded answer to a weary nation. That’s not presidential, its cunning, and exactly why there’s unrest with trusting the Dem Candidate.

Hillary says no more emails.

FBI finds more emails.

Hillary said Comey said that she was truthful.

Comey said you was not.

Hillary says that she made a mistake.

Yet she fails to learn from it.


Not a hate mongering fool, but a sneaky, child who cannot TRUST the American people’s judgment when it comes to her personally. Listen, many cannot handle the two different rules the Clinton’s write for themselves. We just want her to STOP doing it.

Hillary’s narrative of “truth” is immeasurably dissimilar that drips endlessly from a leaky faucet, annoying the American People. I am tired of hearing about her damn emails because its not a main issue. Trump pushing white supremacists, narrative from Russia IS A THREAT. He’s a madman running neck and neck against her and catching up because accountability MATTERS.

Tired of hearing Freedom Caucus use your self-inflicting scandals to raise money in order to elect Putin’s puppet. I’m tired of the splitting hairs. I don’t care about your personal life I just want leadership not sneakiness, and it is my vote that counts. Trust is earned, not entitled. Just because Trump is a devious hate mongering son of a bitch, it doesn’t exonerate The Clinton machine. You choose to “walk the line” in ethical behavior, without defense, without justification, but with a self-righteous indignation that pisses off republicans. Do as I say, not as I do.

Without question, your foundation has done boundless work helping with AIDS research, and give proper medicine to third world countries. But it deserves solid leadership that is ethical. Hand the reigns over to someone else not after the election. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. No politician can. Yes, there’s a vast Right Wing Conspiracy against you and your husband. We know because the same exact Vast right wing conspiracy attacks Center Right conservatives, calling us RINOS, goes after our candidates, blackmails them, humiliates them in propaganda smear machines.

We get it. The meanness is off the charts.

You’re not the only victim. Hell, the media gets it, how many journalists are attacked daily on social media for reporting the news, thanks to alternative right manipulating the press? They attack you, media, us. Roger Ailes literally told alt. right insiders that the Clinton’s tried to kill him, which is utter bullshit. But to the low info voter, they’ll suck up everything like a hoover deluxe. But that same smear machine has attacked common sense, kitchen table republicans who respect the line of right and wrong, most Americans do.

That’s 2/3 of the country sitting in the same boat with Hillary.

IF she wants to keep disgruntled republicans in her column, do a press conference, speak in a straight line, from the heart, allow herself to be vulnerable. It’s not weakness its called BEING HUMAN. Talk about the vast right wing conspiracy, list out the examples, we know, because center right is now on the receiving end of it on social media, and in print. There are editorials from print media urging Hillary to cut all ties from Clinton Foundation, admit her reasoning for a private server, and be accountable for her mistakes. They do it because IT IS HER RACE TO LOSE. Either she wants to win by a nose, with high unfavorables or she works to EARN the TRUST of 2/3 of the country. She gives alt right exactly what they want, and makes it so, painfully easy.

Surprise us for once. Answer your critics, every leader should. Face your mistakes, and choices head on instead of hiding behind Trump’s.

That’s not leadership, that’s low bar.

You say that you take responsibility for your actions.

Well…We are waiting….?



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