Trump: Twitter Troll In Chief

On November 8, 2016, two Americas ideologically divided, maintained a vigil ready for victory. In Manhattan at the Hilton Hotel, men and women in a sea of red “Make America Great Again,” baseball caps swamped the ballroom floor. With their fingers crossed, the ballots from the states of Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina hadn’t appeared, a good sign for Trump. Meanwhile at the Javits Center, a chock-full of democrats and republicans also impatient, remained glued to their cell phones. According to pollsters, it was supposed to be a short night, but a fanfare event. Their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was on track to become the first female president of the United States. But in a shocking twist that only writers in Hollywood (myself included) could envision, the heartbreaking drama sluggishly unfolded as 40 million people witnessed a cataclysmic-jaw-dropping moment. Raucous Trump supporters cheered while Clinton’s advisor John Podesta addressed a somber crowd. Tears overflowed, minds swept in fear, all too consuming. Trump’s win is one of the most nail-biting upsets in American history. For 24 hours I shut off the TV and social media to meditate and pray on what just occurred. I became physically ill grasping the fucking nightmare within my view.

Donald J Trump is the President-Elect of the United States.

In the fog of war, lucidity ensues, alongside punishing mockery. Clinton didn’t have the support of 6.6 million Democrats. Millennials rejected Clinton’s vision. They didn’t like her. They wanted Bernie Sanders and change from the establishment. Call it reprisal on Clinton or just plain ignorance. Had just one out of 100 voted, Clinton would’ve won, and Obama’s legacy would endure. How does one define stupidity, look left! A party that screws over themselves then takes to the streets protesting an election they had in the bag. Clinton won the popular vote near a whopping 52-53% giving her 2 million more votes than Trump. So Democrats are protesting across the country {including my daughter} in hopes of changing the election. Geezus liberals suck it up and grow up. Get your shit together, put down your selfies and get out of your E! Entertainment bubble.

I get the fear and the panic.

In fairness to protestors, I recall our side delegitimizing Obama with taunting names like, “Barak HUSSEIN Obama. Osama is a terrorist, a Muslim, not my president.” Hate crimes rose past 50 percent. The White nationalist movement grew. “He’s from Kenya,” they’d shout. “He’s not even American.” “Where’s his Birth Certificate?” Now it’s even stronger. KKK is hosting a parade to celebrate President Trump. You know the same one with David Duke? And people wonder why Trump took North Carolina. Not hard to figure out.

Attacking property as a way of venting only creates a darker atmosphere for a young person’s future—yours behind bars. My family has had three deputy sheriffs and one sheriff. In situations like this, community policing is important. Punch a gym bag. Don’t waste your future on Trump by sinking to his level. Utilize your mind. Empower, educate, stay motivated, not complacent. Trump’s Administration isn’t the end of the world, its four years—a college degree. The balance of power always shifts in the hands of the people. Voice your concerns but challenge your representatives instead of tearing up your community.

Rage isn’t a plan.

This outcome couldn’t have worked out better for the ambitious senator from Vermont and his self-centered Bernie bots. They wanted Clinton to lose now they got Trump. Bernie Sanders is already floating his name for 2020. Surprise, surprise. The man will be 83. My sympathies are as hollow as the tiny Stradivarius between my fingers.

Then it dawned on me.

Across the country, for the first time in decades, a majority unified in their mutual repulsion for Donald Trump. A taciturn paradox emerges in this tale of woe. Republicans, Democrats, and independents are in tri-partisan agreement. We fear a Trump presidency. Now we got one.

So, how did this happen?

America chose the lesser of two evils in this House of Cards drama. After giving Trump over 2.2 billion of free advertisement, and using false equivalence instead of sticking to facts, greedy ratings-driven media witnessed their greatest failure. The data collapsed. Their polling was wrong. Echoed by conservative blogosphere, they hammered the long winded passive aggressive narrative that Clinton, a DC politician {like so many} was untrustworthy over and over and over on 24-hour news cycles. Democrats greatest failure was a DC Wall Street established career politician.


Marred by years of personal baggage, and endless scandals with her email server, Clinton didn’t expect FBI Director Comey’s October surprise letter to Congress. The FBI was investigating Clinton’s emails again, this time on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. This false development arguably nailed Clinton’s coffin. Russia’s Wikileaks agenda was simple: get Trump elected. Clinton’s arrogance made it all too easy. Media smugly delivered the world a “normalized, racist Archie Bunker.” The American people took it to heart and never looked back.

“I’m tired of politicians cutting my pay, making promises they don’t keep, and Trump is my finger to Washington,”

Clinton’s arrogance and self-entitlement soured the middle working class years ago. The forgotten blue-collar working man left identity politics for Trump’s message. My brother Mark age 43, lives in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. His one true passions are fishing and the Chicago Cubs. He left sunny Vegas three years ago to find union work in midwest snow. It didn’t last and frustration grew. He said, “It’s not personal, I just want to see if this works. I’m tired of politicians cutting my pay, making promises they don’t keep, and Trump is my finger to Washington,” he said in between drags of his cigarette. “The damn liberals are always screaming, ‘what more can I get’ well what about me? They can wait their turn this time. And if Trump is just like the rest of them, then I’ll vote for someone to kick his ass back to his gold tower in New York.”

For the first time, I truly listened to my brother. He kept his silence on whom he planned to support. He didn’t want my mother, a lifelong Democrat, have a stroke. He didn’t want the family ragging on him for electing a misogynist prick or people call him a racist. He says, “I’m not any of that, and I know some sick people are backing him. But their reasons are about them. My reasons are about me, and what I want. What I need.”

But will he get the results he wants? So far it doesn’t appear to be.

Conservatives can breathe a sigh of relief. Clinton is gone, but they’re still bitching. I’m not one to rejoice in someone’s defeat. Christian life teaches us to inspire grace. Clinton did that in her concession speech. She is no longer responsible for what happens in DC or the Trump era. Because of the dysfunctional Congress and never ending gridlock, identity politics instead of bread and butter issues, Republicans and Democrats own Trump, so, like my brother said, it’s a mutual punishment for two self-serving ideologies.

Therefore I lie in wait to see if every person of caliber and intellect in the #Nevertrump group and closed mouthed Republicans will backslide on their principles now that Trump is elected. As expected, their partisan slavery addiction proves my brother’s point. After everything said, the desire on the right to give Trump a “clean slate” is equivalent of granting him a blank check. Trump isn’t going to fall in line with conservative ideology. He’s only had an R by hs name since Obama’s time in office. Now that it’s all coming to an end, Trump’s long filled desire of receiving respect from the man he accused of being not an American, clearly demonstrates Trump’s narcissism. His first 100 days will bring lots of uncertainty to millions of Americans. The Wall, Iran Deal, Obamacare, and a special Clinton prosecutor. Scratch that. Fickle Trump now says, No wall, nay on the Iran Deal, and now, Obamacare is remaining, for now. Oh, and let’s not forget Clinton, “lock her up?” Scratch that. Now after one meeting, Obama is a “very good man,” and on Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Trump says Hillary Clinton’ is, “very strong, and very smart.”

the desire  on the right to give Trump a “clean slate” is equivalent of granting him a blank check.

The Republicans nominated a Democrat with an ‘R’ by his name. Many saw it coming but perhaps God is teaching everyone a lesson on hypocrisy? I’ve yet to hear anyone in conservative media they’ll check Trump. For many Americans, it will be a deciding factor in 2018 and 2020. Maybe that’s God’s plan for this insane reality. Expose endless hypocrisy that takes us to the brink of hell because neither side falls on their sword. Therefore I’ll ask the question: Will Congress exercise caution with a Trump presidency? Better yet, will conservative media act raise their arm up and obey? In the last 48 hours Trump’s desire for radical change raises eyebrows. On his website, Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States remains to leave a person wondering, “Am I still in America?”

After nineteen calls and texts from longtime friends who voted for Trump, and Clinton, my heart wept and prayed for strength and wisdom for friends, family, and this presidency. We are all in the same boat like the Titanic with a drunken captain approaching an iceberg. Friends feared that my distaste for Trump would sour our relationships. I had to reassure them, which meant, endurance. I listened to their fears, concerns, their anger, and their optimism. Elections are about individual freedoms and the pursuit of happiness.

Not everyone will agree on this new frontier. My children are bitterly divided over Trump. One is expecting “a great America” the other is terrified that her identity isn’t part of Trump’s America. She fears Trump supporters will target her out of hate. At first, I found that to be ridiculous until I read this.

Steve Bannon, the anti-Semite of Breitbart tied to Alt Right Europe as Chief of Staff scares the shit out of me. Sheriff David Clarke, a barn burning alt right pundit, believes that Black Lives Matter aligns with ISIS. He wants to be the head of Dept. of Homeland Security.

Shit just got real.

Rudy Giuliani wants to be Attorney General after leaking classified information from the FBI office in NY to Fox News about Russia, and boasting Clinton’s downfall with a hard erecting desire in wanting to throw her in jail? And what about “draining the swamp,” getting big money out of politics? Was that a lie too? It appears Trump’s entire transition team is nothing but classic DC K-Street lobbying cronyism. The lies come in whiffs like wet fertilizer permeating in 90-degree heat. Reeks. Here, is where America dances blindfold on a razor’s edge. What pre-tell happens next in a reality saga that only Donald Trump could design?

Recall when I said shit just got real? Putin’s top advisor’s now boasting of their mutual foreign policy agreement with the Trump Administration. “Let’s break NATO!” Now that Russia played the principal role in electing Trump they’re calling in their favor, like the Russian Bratva. Putin is a threat to our national security, a reality that hardly anyone in media cares to discuss except how many votes Clinton lost. Priorities gentlemen, please focus? Clinton is gone! It’s like media is obsessed with Clinton giving them endless clickbait. Media focus on your job. Russia wants to break NATO and take back the Baltic States. If that happens, the EU shatters and Putin succeeds in rebuilding the Soviet Union. Trump’s unpredictability and inability to be truthful with the American people makes him a wild card.

But not everything is gloomy. Any day now my son becomes a father to a precious little girl. So with that, I pray for little Alison to grow in a world that accepts her for who she is and pray she’s not used as a symbol to attack. I pray the world admires her passionate, human frailties, not demean them, and that she becomes a healthy, spirited and talented young lady. An innocent child needs love and compassion. Reassurance that everything is going to be okay. All they know is that the man that calls them anchor babies, possible terrorists and dismisses them as a disease, is now President of the United States. I’m heedful and reminded of terrified children torn from their families, required to hide their religion. Fear seen through innocent eyes is the learning curve. Especially from this terrified little girl.

“In the evenings when it’s dark I often see long lines of good, innocent people, accompanied by crying children, walking on and on, ordered about by a handful of men who bully and beat them until they nearly drop. No one is spared. The sick, the elderly, children, babies and pregnant women – all are marched to their death. (…) I feel wicked sleeping in a warm bed, while somewhere out there my dearest friends are dropping from exhaustion or being knocked to the ground. I get frightened myself when I think of close friends who are now at the mercy of the cruelest monsters ever to stalk the earth. And all because they’re Jews.” AF.

When America acts against her best interests, America inherits a country she deserves. Bloggers in the #Nevertrump movement, please stay sober. Trump may be our president, but if he abuses our three branches of government with Congress aiding him, our allegiance is to the flag of the United States of America. And our loyalty is to the Republic for which it stands one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


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