Putin Slays Party of Reagan with Trumpism, but Revives Liberal Conservatism

“Men will not accept the truth at the hands of their enemies, and truth is seldom offered to them by friends.”~~Alexis De Tocqueville.
If ever there were a more exceptional, Siberian slake for vengeance against the Reagan Administration for ending the Cold War, Vladimir Putin’s reflexive control against the GOP is by far the coupe et d’état of the century. Russia’s high-level apparatchik and former KGB operative reminding the West, for him, the Cold War never ended by judiciously swaying conservative America into declaring war on herself. If this were a sub-plot in a John Le Carre novel, one could scrupulously say that the plot triumphs in Machiavellian virtuosity. Cue Le Mer to serenade the gullible, until a light bulb flickers above their pretty little heads.

Alt-right used the word, “liberal” in any sentence as a trigger like Pavlov’ dog conditioning clueless Americans to vilify the left as the root of all evil. In just one year, Putin’s popularity among GOP rose from 13% to 32%, prompting Trumpers to dump establishment principles for an ideal one state nationalist party, designed by White nationalists, KKK, anti-Semitism, and a New World Order, approved by Russia that removes liberal democracy. Putin’s plan elevated the most uneducated, inexperienced candidate to power, training the Republican Party to make ill-fated decisions for the country. The only narrative that made sense was deeming Hillary Clinton evil, and Trump the lesser of that evil. Not only did Putin’s PSYOP fruitfully undermine our election, but manipulated all four institutions of government to attack our democracy within its social body. Cable and print media supplied billions of free press to Trump and Putin’s fashioned conspiracies against Clinton, while hackers broke into the DNC, RNC, and DOD. With media distracted by Clinton’s emails, Russia used Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and conspiracy theorists to spread false information to the naïve voter.

The fix was in.

The Kremlin’s majestic power plays owned the political chessboard and cracked the foundation of the party of Reagan. Now with Trump in office, the scandals of Russia hacking our government, undermining our election, and the possible collusion with Trump, simply leaves a sour taste one in one’s mouth. If Trump Campaign promised favors to Russia to win the election, it becomes the greatest criminal scandal in America’s lifetime. Democracy dies the darkness, yet there’s still Reagan’s shining city on a hill, a beacon out of this catastrophic nightmare.

Liberal Conservatism.

The marriage between conservative canon adjoined with liberal positions, particularly on fiscal and social issues, combined with the rejection of Trumpism, liberal conservative brings the country a bit closer together. Irish philosopher Edwin Burke, believed that fundamental principles cement Christian, moral natural law, yielding the power to judge whether government leaders use their power to achieve the greater good, or abuse the social order and its core values: the pursuit of happiness through the protection of life, liberty, and property. Burke’s philosophy centers around the human element, deriving from Christian beliefs, without enabling society to become dependent on its government.

Burke believed that “All government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise and barter.” Congress no longer commits. Instead, it uses the legislative body as a weapon against its partisan neighbor to stay in power, crushing bipartisan achievement. A social body cannot function without cooperation. Supporting compassionate conservatives, and conservative Democrats don’t undermine America but maintain and improves upon its greater good. The ability to reach consensus is vital. Burke warns, “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

Burke’s fear against liberal conservatism was a civil state of nature or self- sovereignty to a higher civil authority. Thomas Hobbes, alleged society ought to concede its duty to an unaccountable sovereign, much like Trump’s, and Putin’s desire for an autocracy society. Burke called it, “The fairyland of philosophy.” To paraphrase, Burke cautioned that hypothetical suppositions were meager locums for truths, invented corporeality in politics, or as George Orwell believed, “alternative facts.” It is perilously deceptive to demoralize reason just to force a floor-flushing dogma that only, doesn’t exist. If it truly did, duplicity wouldn’t be its result.

Because of Trump’s alt-right ideology, America is crueler, fouler, anti-Christian and far more suspicious of one another. Passing judgment on people based on their political affiliation is now considered standard practice. The failures of the GOP Congress enables and pledges servitude to Trumpism, in all its ugliness instead of exercising moral courage grounded in altruism, faith, and liberty.
French Philosopher, Alexis De Tocqueville, a compassionate conservative and one of the principal founders of liberal conservatism, loved freedom and believed progressivism births individualism, which flies in the face of the current populist movement. “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, she ceases to be great.” De Tocqueville alleges that government, political groups, and its relationships cannot delineate from individual accountability. Tocqueville believed liberal society fails without shared, “dogmatic beliefs.”

“I avow that I do not hold that complete and instantaneous love for the freedom of the press that one accords to whose nature is unqualifiedly good. I love it out of consideration for the evils it prevents much more than the good it does.”

Both Burke and De Tocqueville argue reason maintains honest opinion. America needs the press to remain loyal only to the truth. Now that media sees daylight with the Trump Administration, pounding shoe leather to rebuild its soul. Trump spews a hundred lies in just 40 days, yet Alt-right conservatives were remaining silent, lacking any moral courage. A word of advice: Alt-right attacking center right just to mollify their culpability is like firing a bazooka to your reflection.

The right cannot subsist without the left. They are the yin-yang of American independence, and neither side is going anywhere. Imagine, every morning, a world refusing to punch itself in the face just by repudiating false equivalence and polarization. Exploiting political words for malevolent intent changes the political definition. What society entrusts is in its best interests, may not be. Capitalizing on that fog of uncertainty opens the door to chaos.

Putin doesn’t want friendship with the United States, but global extinction against the western culture of liberal democracy. By regaining its superpower title as an autocracy and the Trump Administration’s suspicious eagerness to lift Russian sanctions, Putin’s desire to restore the Soviet Union and recapture the Baltic States is within reach. Consider if media embarked on a cross-country trek visiting small town America, asking voters if they had the choice between a liberal or Russia running the country? What would pollsters discover? The odds favor voters would “choose Russia over any liberal.” Only took a year, a score for Putin.

Post World War II, Republican Senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan, believed foreign policy must remain a bipartisan effort. He coined the phrase that many Republicans now neglect. “In a word, it simply seeks national security ahead of partisan advantage. Politics stops at the water’s edge.” 

The only way the word, “liberal” survives the alt-right populism movement is through NeverTrump, and liberal conservatism.

A label change doesn’t decimate liberal conservative philosophy. Instead, it emboldens with the aptitude to expand the center simply by standing right to principles and common ideas, like encouraging Democrats to rebuild the Blue Dog Coalition from 1995. A populist message cannot withstand based on emotional rage, and a false ideology. Liberal conservatism doesn’t die because it’s rooted in theoretical principles and Christian moral law. The Golden Rule never changes. In the end, society functions for the greater good, based on the belief to do right by others.

As De Tocqueville writes, “Without shared ideas, there is no common action, and without common action, men still exist, but a social body does not. Thus in order that there be society, and all the more, that this society prosper, it is necessary that all the minds of citizens always be brought together and held together by some principle ideas.”

America must grow its roots. Replant seeds of common ideas in the local state house races, from the city council to senate. Reject hyper-partisanship, and connect with neighbors, so ideas flourish. If government representatives in social bodies abuse power, remove them. It doesn’t matter which party they belong. Neglecting the will of the majority to serve an ideology that harms and stands in the way of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness, is not what the founding fathers intended. Elect someone that embodies principles that put the country before a political party. That’s patriotism and the bedrock of American kitchen table values.


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