There Are Six Things The Lord Hates…

Seven that are detestable to him. As a devout Catholic, I cannot come up with another plausible explanation. Before MS reared its head, I used to teach catechesis for RCIA all the time. I loved it. But it wasn’t enough. Being a servant of God in His house, is a sacred, gift. Therefore I always take to heart the power of scripture, and its meaning. Call it a sermon if you’d like, I just do not believe in coincidence. God is showing those who use His name to impose hate, that in the end, only He will judge.

(Courtesy of Betsey Stevenson Twitter)

(Courtesy of Betsey Stevenson Twitter)

Proverbs 6: 16-19 There are Six things the Lord hates…seven
that are detestable to him…

17 haughty eyes,
   a lying tongue,
   hands that shed innocent blood,
18a heart that devises wicked schemes,
   feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19a false witness who pours out lies
   and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

For the past four weeks, God has been at the center of political debate. Gay Marriage, guns, climate change, healthcare, hypocrisy, and finally racism. That firewall of the south, the Confederate flag finally, is coming down after 53 years. In Charleston, SC nine beautiful black souls were called home after being gunned down inside of their sanctuary, Mother Emanuel AME Church, by a young racist. Republicans and democrats came together to pay respect to the South Carolina State Senator Reverend Clementa Picnkney, age 41, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45, Cynthia Hurd, 54, Twanza Sanders, 26 tried saving his aunt, Suzie Jackson, 87, Myra Thompson, 59, Ethel Lee Vance, 70, Reverend Daniel L Simmons, 70, and Reverend Depayne Middleton-Doctor, 49. President Obama gave the eulogy and reminded the country, “God works in mysterious ways.”

Indeed HE does. God’s children were at bible study, then murdered inside of His House.

Well what did the Lord do?

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in a 6-3 decision-opinion written by Chief Justice Roberts. Republicans screamed, bitched moaned, instead of  the logical answer, let’s fix the law for those who still do not have healthcare and help those who’s premiums went up. Seems, simple, right? Gov Mike Huckabee of Ark, a man who claims to be Christian yet defends a self admitted pedophile, calls the U.S. Supreme Court “judicial tyranny,” and finally, opposes same sex marriage. Well yesterday on June 26, 2015 gay marriage became the law of the land. Huckabee refused to accept as LGBT Americans shared their joy on social media with the hashtag, #LoveWins.

In Matthew 7: 1-2 the Lord says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Divine Justice.

I love that phrase. (Plus it happens to be the title of my third book.)

Ever wondered what is media’s purpose recently? First class shit stirrer that enjoys riling up the left and right so people on social media tear each other apart with words shaped like swords, aimed at hearts. Consider a history lesson. Back in 2004, comedian Jon Stewart all but decimated Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson on CNN’s Crossfire, by simply telling the truth.

Jon Stewart was right then as he is now. The media IS Hurting America. After CNN canceled Crossfire, twenty-three new ‘crossfires’ took its place on cable. Let’s start with Fox. Huckabee, Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox and Friends, The Kelly File, Red Eye, The Five, Lou Dobbs, the former Glenn Beck Show. From the left, The Ed Show, Hardball, All in with Chris Hayes, Politics Nation, Now With Alex Wagner, The Cycle, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Last Word, and Morning Joe. From CNN, Donn Lemon, The Lead with Jake Tapper, State of the Union, The Situation Room, Erin Burnett.

Count em. 23 shows dedicated to winning an argument that never ends.

I’m curious, GOP. Just who in the hell thought it was a good idea to embrace teaology? They scream things like,  ‘take back our country’, ‘Obama is a Muslim’ ‘Go back to Kenya’, and ‘where is his birth certificate’? Like I said before: God don’t do ugly. For years, Fox News Channel, right wing radio, and bloggers hammered a ‘controversial’ narrative against a black president by using one word that conservatives love to hate: Liberal.

For nine years I’ve been registered non partisan. I’m a lifelong centrist swing voter who leans right and always votes for the best moderate candidate-republican or democrat. Used to be a blue dog, but democrats love to be too politically correct, and tax everybody. I like paying less taxes, and I like less government interference. However, Ever since the tea party caucused with republicans, the party is now darker, meaner, condescending, and bitter. GOP now placates teaologists using them as their attack dogs while breaking covenant with centrists.

Politicians always remember: Politics will never trump humanity.

Swing vote has the most power than either party. Without us, you can’t win an election, period. As long as there’s gridlock, shutting down government, race baiting, and hateful discord, non partisans will continue to multiply. Open primaries is key. But I’ll save that discussion for another time.

Remember after Baltimore the word, ‘thugs’ was used? I never saw it as a slur, I thought it was an appropriate term for rowdy people that vandalize, and loot, like punks. But I was wrong, and so are politicians. The real definition of a thug: a violent person, especially a criminal. It is pretty harsh to characterize an entire political party as nothing more than violent criminals. But that tea party base like the hate rhetoric. In fact, to them, its like crack.

I never thought the Majority Leader would use the word to describe his colleagues. Sen.Mitch McConnell says to Manu Raju of Politico, “You know the drill. Expose these folks to public view, release the liberal thugs on them, and then hope the public pressure or the unwanted attention scares them from supporting similar causes down the road.”  At the time, I thought he was just playing politics because all politicians try to smear their ‘opponent’. But his scathing condemnation, just felt offensive. Politicians that throw red meat at a radical base is not smart politics.

Michael Savage of  The Savage Show, describes “liberal thugs” (recall that word?) to his listeners and fearfully accuses the Obama Administration of trying to cause a “racial war”, “another civil war.” “We have the most dangerous fanatics trying to start a fire on the United States of America.”

Let me get this out of the way: I think the Tea Party’s radical ideology borders on a divisive analogy favored by David Duke: A white, prideful south that feels ignored, bitter, and left behind.

You can’t make this shit up. David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan is a tea drinker. It is now fair to say that the last of the Archie Bunkers in America, loathe having a black president.

So where did the charge, “What about black on white crime, liberal media,” come from? Bill O’Reilly wants to know too. According to him, it didn’t come from Fox News.

Sean Hannity’s unyielding defense of George Zimmerman, who used Stand Your Ground Law in Florida, to justify killing 17 year old Trayvon Martin, set off a racial backlash. Martin had no weapon just a bag of skittles, and wearing a hoodie. But how can the right wing be accused of race baiting when some black Americans defended Zimmerman? Hannity’s narrative was simple. Zimmerman was the real victim, acting in self defense while Martin, was the aggressor. That gave radicals a new argument: What about ‘black on white crime’ liberal media? Even Judge Jeanie Piro pushed this with Ann Coulter.  (Someone should tell Bill O’Reilly because he is clueless as to where it came from.) Coulter eludes, ‘the liberal media is pushing “a race war” because of their love for “Obama”.

Those words may bite her white loving ass.

That drumbeat from radical fringe encouraged an ignorant drop out named Dylann Roof to Google ‘black on white crime’, and seek out white supremacist websites. The end result: Roof on June 17, entered the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, and murdered nine beautiful Christian souls. God HATES…

hands that shed innocent blood…God HATES…

Feet that are quick to rush to evil…

At first, my rage targeted at media for not having ONE live anchor to report the devastating tragedy unfolding in Charleston. They all replayed their political shows. Hannity replayed his interview with Donald Trump. The world stopped and watched in horror. Was this really happening? After all the hate mongering, race baiting memes on social media, on television and AM radio, I came to a painful reality. All the racial tension in McKinney is real. All the racial tension in Ferguson is real The outrageous murder of Charleston’s Walter Scott was racially motivated. Trayvon Martin’s death was about racial profiling.

It’s 1963 all over again.

The disgusting, ugly truth, reared its head  by none other than Fox News the next morning. Now keep in mind, news producers screen their guests to reflect the narrative that they want to push. These are not just relative opinions, they know in advance what they are going to say. Nowhere do they discuss what Chief Gregory Mullen or Mayor Joe Riley said. “I believe this was a hate crime.”

Do you believe this shit? “Let’s not rush to judgment before we know the facts,” was the narrative. An Attack on Christians? That is just as offensive as Megyn Kelly’s dog whistle about an innocent, 14 year old black girl, thrown to the ground and terrorized by a brutal cop. She looked, “like a woman,” and “she was no saint either, she lingered.” Kelly went off the rafters blaming “liberal media” for taking her words out of context. Well, I am not a liberal, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Now I like Bill O’Reilly. I truly do despite his brazen attempts to defend the network that cashes his paycheck. However…he was wrong here.


A lying tongue.

Bill, Feel free to judge. There’s damaging evidence “black on white crime” came from Fox News. Because, Ann Coulter believes its only on Fox News.

The manifesto describing why Roof chose to start a race war is chilling. NPR has disturbing details along with photos explaining why he chose Charleston, and what motivated him to carry out this act of terror.

I simply ask, when will the FCC hold media, and propagandists accountable? Normally, I would expect networks have a clear cut moral responsibility with their choice of format. There’s no excuse to  deliberately use words of hate all for the sake of politics. While the far left pushes their ideas of extremism, it rarely gets tongues wagging unlike the Radical right. GOP have been riding high smearing the President on a daily basis, for years, and using Fox News’ narrative to strengthen attacks. But all that race baiting has consequences.

Large ones.

In Roof’s manifesto, he gives enormous credit to the ‘Counsel of Conservative Citizens, a white nationalist group with ties to politicians including, several running for the Oval Office. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, The CCC is a rebirth of the original White Counsel Citizens that emerged in the 1950’s-60’s. Their belief is, “God is the author of racism. God is the One who divided mankind into different types…Mixing the races is rebelliousness against God.”— Council of Conservative Citizens website, 2001.

It is difficult to understand WHY Fox News would employ someone who supports, and defends white rights. Unfortunately, not one centrist has the balls to report it. Many find Ann Coulter amusing, like the bat shit crazy aunt you see on holidays. But she sly, and influencing a new generation to hate. Why is that acceptable? Green footballs, a liberal blog, bought Coulter’s book and displayed her defense of the CCC, the inspiration for the Charleston Mass Shooting. Isn’t this the exact reason why Roof went to the CCC?  “Apart from some aggressive reporting on black-on-white crimes — the very crimes that are aggressively hidden by the establishment media — there is little on the CCC website suggesting” that the group is racist. Indeed, its main failing is “containing members who had belonged to a segregationist group thirty years earlier.”  You can’t get much clearer than that. Maybe someone should ask Roof how he heard the phrase black on white crime?

Oh Ann. Sound the trumpets. You are a white supremacist and proud of it. God HATES…

A heart that devises wicked schemes.

Kyle Rogers who heads the CCC, posted this video of Roan Garcia Quintana discussing his pride for ‘European culture, and stopping “illegal aliens”, even though he is Cuban.

The blockbuster movie The Help, demonstrated the power of the White Citizens Counsel in Jackson Miss. to stop integration. Everyone recall Hilly marking her toilet paper and telling her maid Minny to use the outhouse? I think Ann Coulter could’ve play her.

Sadly, this type of extremism never died. In fact, many politicians are still trying to do away with Civil Rights, like Senator Ted Cruz, of TX. Cruz believes “We need 100 more Jesse Helms.”  Jesse Helms is, the former U.S. Senator of North Carolina. He was born in Monroe in 1921 only 20 miles from my ex husband’s hometown of Wadesboro. There is an actual sign in Monroe that says, “Home of our beloved Jesse Helms.” Senator Trent Lott reared Helms as “the conscience of the Republican Party.” Well that ‘beloved man’ like his colleague former, SC Senator Strom Thurmond, both worked tirelessly to keep the south segregated. That’s right. Segregated, separated, no blacks in the same schools as whites, no civil rights for Black Americans. In 2001, Washington Post’s brilliant writer, David Broder wrote on Helms’ retirement from the senate, like Thurmond’s in 2001. Helms died in 2008. I

ronically, State Senator Paul Thurmond, youngest son of Strom Thurmond, stood in front of his colleagues, and reversed everything that his father ever stood for by passionately pleading to the assembly of SC, that the confederate flag must come down. Sins of the Father, are repented by son.

God is Good.

Thurmond and Helms both were democrats. But once the party started pushing for equal rights for blacks, both men left the party and became Republicans. Former President Richard Nixon, used the Southern Strategy designed by SC Lee Atwater, to win the White House by getting democrats in the south to vote for him. In 1980, Reagan used Atwater’s playbook along with Roan Garcia Quitana, who boasts freely about this accomplishment. After Reagan was elected the south has always been solid red.

In 2002, Peggy Noonan, former speechwriter for Reagan, wrote a scathing rebuke against former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott for his racial comments at Senator Strom Thurmond’s birthday, and his association with ‘The Counsel Of Conservative Citizens,’ Well the ever so eloquent Ms. Noonan, did not mix words in 2002. “In the same way there are blacks in America who fear, deep down, that the whites of America do not accept them truly, will never accept them fully,” she says.

Well that was 2002, this is now 2015. There are still high profile conservatives tied to the CCC. Aside from Governor Mike Huckabee, who is said to have appeared by videotape in 1993 for their convention.

Earl Holt, the president of the Mo. CCC, sent donations to Sen. Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum-PA, Sen. Rand Paul-Kty, Sen. Jeff Flake-AZ, Former rep. Todd Akin-IA, Rob Portman-OH, Thom Tillis-NC Sen.Tom Cotton-Ark. our Senator Dean Heller-NV, and former rep. Michele Bachmann-MN. All lawmakers, and presidential candidates when alerted refunded or donated the money.

The corrupted mind of Roof, for the GOP may be their best wake up call from destroying their party. In light of the tragedy in Charleston, an enlightenment was born. The call from citizens of SC to remove the Confederate flag from the state capitol, not only united the state, but the country. And while the majority of the world wanted it taken down, there were some that proclaimed, it was ‘their heritage,’ to honor their dead soldiers. Radio shock jock Jack Hunter, aka the Southern Avenger, always wore the confederate flag over his face. He never imagined that for years, he was promoting hate.

The enlightenment continued…except for Fox. Leave it to them to push the way people should think.

As Bill O’Reilly likes to says “the spin stops right here.”

I call it Red vs blue racism. Attack Attack Attack. Fox is good at it, like a snake oil salesman. I can’t sugar coat it. Its ugly. The extreme far right sharpened their attacks. and more threats against the president. I recall seeing a photograph from Florida, of an effigy with a replica of President Obama with a noose around its neck. Pastor Terry Jones did this all because of gay marriage. Personally, I’m not sure that’s the only reason.

In Matthew 7:5 “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. I would put Governor Mike Huckabee in that category. The Lord always exposes the hypocrites when his name is used to incite hate.

A man of God does not incite racism. Beware of ravenous wolves.

What about Ted Cruz, a Christian. Is this considered racist?

Let’s say this out loud, maybe media will ‘get it’ Cruz asked on twitter,”What does a black man know about a budget?”


haughty eyes.

Not racist according to media. In light of Roof’s manifesto, when is it considered racist? In light of this tragedy, don’t politicians and propagandists have a moral responsibility to end the race baiting now? Jack Hunter confirmed what I would read on social media. The far right tore apart a young black girl’s reputation just to defend a brutal cop who treated her like dog shit for NO reason. She “lingered” and was “no saint.”

But there is no racism. Of course, not.

“Liberal thugs” don’t matter. “Black on black crime” don’t matter. “Liberals are against cops.” “Liberals are creating a race war.” “Liberals are dividing the country.” “What about black on white crime, liberal media?’

Folks, All lives matter. Yes. even Liberals, despite what Fox News believes. They are so hateful about it, they don’t even see it. It divides, drives centrists away, and Liberals are not the fucking enemy. They are your colleagues, neighbors, friends, family…they are Americans. Debate politics but I agree with Jack Hunter, it is dog whistling. I urge James Murdoch who is the new CEO of Fox, to fire Roger Ailes and his hate machine. It’s ugly, cruel, and bad for America. Nine beautiful souls were gunned down by a racist, and Fox insinuated, it was an attack on Christians. God HATES…

A false witness who pours out lies.

It is a damn shame that it took God’s nine beautiful souls, with open hearts,  teaching Bible class in church, opened their doors to a racist, sent by Satan. Remarkably, their deaths will never be in vain. Mother Emanuel’s beautiful 9 brought real change, heal hearts, and quite possibly, opened eyes that were closed for decades. God Bless them. Based on a dark ideology, Roof wanted to start a race war. Instead, with the hand of God, their unconditional love triumphed over hate.

Arguably, President Obama has had the most profound week of his presidency, The trade bill passed, Marriage equality is law, Obamacare is law, Holy Father Francis declared, “Climate change is a moral responsibility.” universal background checks, are once again, being discussed, and Obama gave one of the most profound speeches on race ever of his presidency. I hope the Good people of Charleston change the name of ‘Calhoun Street.’ John C. Calhoun was a defender of slavery, and his name should’nt occupy Mother Emanuel AME Church. Consider renaming it ‘Mother Emanuel 9’ and replacing Calhoun’s statute with theirs. Obama said, “God works in mysterious ways.”

“Amazing Grace.”

Indeed. God HATES…

A person who stirs up conflict in a community.

I believe in God and everything happens for a reason. After the court ruled, two rainbows appeared above the White House. Genesis 9:12-13 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds,I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

Of “every kind.”

God blesses Americans of every kind. God blesses our President of every kind. God blesses everyone of every kind.

Hate won’t win.

Only Love Wins.

Amen, Lord. Amen.


Look who lives in your neighborhood-just your average predator.



Take a look at these mug shots from the monumental bust of 71 people nabbed in Operation Caireen–a child pornography ring that was shut down a few days ago in NYC.   71 men-and one woman, and not what many people think would be involved in such heinous acts. Well guess what, this article didn’t shock me in the least.

I’ve been researching sexual predators for  six years  from interviewing law enforcement, lawyers, counselors, and Feds, to taking classes in Criminal Justice. While child pornography is disturbing, it’s not the root of the problem. Children ages 3-17  forced to engage in such acts. There’s a place in hell for those who harm innocent babies…

How many of these children were sold by family members? How many are from other states besides New jersey, and New York? How many are sex trafficking victims? When is our country going to take this form of crime seriously? I wasn’t joking in my last blog back in December- 64% INCREASE in undocumented cases of sex trafficking in the U.S.  Let’s be honest here, children are  slaves for profit for these dishonorable men.

Remember this guy who killed himself?


Those 70 encourage men like Ryan Loksarn, Senator Lamar Alexander’s former aide encourages traffickers to use these babies for the sheer purpose of  satisfying the vulgar and ugly appetites of pedophiles. Who would’ve thought police officers who’s motto is “to serve and protect” would help partake in such evil?

Evil has no face. It comes in the style of what you desperately want at the time when you are weak and vulnerable. Let’s face it, the devil is winning. 

Jesus says in the Book of Matthew 18:6 

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.


ALWAYS put your faith in GOD and he will repay in his own way.

I urge the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation to INVESTIGATE PDU.

Paid Detail Unit is a program in NYC where NYPD officers can act as security guards paid by private citizens while kicking 10% to the city. There is NO OVERSIGHT with PDU. Guiliani thought he was so damn smart creating this alternative because NYPD are some of the LOWEST paid in law enforcement unless you make detective or lieutenant (both pretty much have nearly the same salary). On PDU they can make up to 37$ an hour.

Officer Wu and Chief Fanelli are NOT the only cops that have engaged in such activity. Back in the 70’s when organized crime was on a rampage, cops demanded PAY while providing SECURITY for money laundering businesses. This has been going on for DECADES. Why isn’t anyone red flagging this? 

New York’s need to protect their city against international terrorism has allowed them to IGNORE Domestic terrorism on the home front.

The best way to stop sexual predators is to take A STAND. Get wise around your neighborhood-the smaller the town the higher level of trafficking. I’ve always stated that nail shops in this country are money laundering fronts. Don’t believe me, ask the FBI its on their list. 

Think twice about going to the shop around the corner or inside the mall, investigate, and do YOUR HOMEWORK. Look at the surroundings-does it have a mirror that spans from one side of the wall to the other? Is someone barking orders in a different language toward his/her workers? I’ve been a licensed nail technician for over 20 years and have many clients from New York., but it is up to YOU the consume,r to report it.  You may save someone’s life in doing so.

How do we help these innocent babies? It seems everywhere they turn, someone who is in a position in society that WE should TRUST, violates it. The Task Force in NYC for the Police Impersonation Unit is a GREAT example of ex cops teaching criminals how to impersonate cops. New York is said to be the only one who has their very own task force. I experienced this back in 2002. This is a current case, but what about previous ones? 

This prompted NYPD to send cease letters to retired cops.  Notice the timing of this story?

When you cannot trust law enforcement, religious leaders, boy scout leaders, fire dept paramedics, a MOTHER, or a politician who can you trust?

Your instincts. Get educated, and take a stand. Demand answers and results. Talk to your children. We need to PUNISH those who abuse the innocent.

Finally, it IS Memorial Day. My Grandfather, was a proud WWII Veteran who passed on May 26, 2008 six years ago. We all should take a moment and  give a nod of RESPECT to our World War 2 vets- our great and grand fathers who served and  stayed UNIFIED. Nobody is taking about the WW2 vets, and we are losing them daily. They will always be the greatest generation and literally sacrificed everything.  They knew what is was like to have NOTHING but the gain was everything- FREEDOM.


This picture always melts my heart-Women doing hard labor while their husbands went to war. Now THAT is SACRIFICE.


Watch the World Wars about WWII on History Channel, a three-part series starting tonight.




The Human and Sex Trafficking Epidemic in the U.S. How do we CURE it?

Take a good long look at this photograph and tell me what you see. Image


That is a country in crisis. From 2007-2012 there were  64%  in reported, undocumented cases of human and sex trafficking in the United States.

How did we allow this to happen? I mean seriously, I am writing about this subject in my novels so America is armed with information about how deadly this epidemic is to our country and abroad! Do people believe these trafficking victims are not in their neighborhood? Do they think they live under a rock?


Trafficking victims are from the ages of 7-17. They are recruited in middle schools, high schools, the local malls, arcades, and yes even…nail salons.

WHAAAT?  My manicurist isn’t a trafficking victim….

Are we sure about that? I’ve been a nail technician for over two decades. The new trend to hide a victim and make a fast cash profit, is to open a nail shop.  Each state has their own set of rules and bylaws. Let’s use California as an example and notice the areas of orange all over the state…those are hotbed areas for reported cases. The state board in California inspects their salons once every SEVEN years. I will repeat that. According to the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology, California State Board in 2011 inspects their salons every SEVEN YEARS. Now, let’s add up how many nail shops appear on the corner near your house, or downtown or even inside a mall…what do they all have in common?

The Price. Notice how CHEAP the cost is, and have you ever wondered…why? 

I’ve worked most of my life in the spa industry as a nail technician (one of the best in Las Vegas mind you)  and I will never ever compromise price because manicuring is about SKILL- NEVER about cost. Those prices are cheap for a reason-to lure you and teens in with their pocket change. A full set is 15-25$. Who can afford that? A teenager, in a mall hanging out with her friends…a perfect target. 

Now don’t misunderstand there are some very fine, reputable nail shops owned by respectable business owners. But it would be irresponsible and foolish for those said owners to turn a blind eye to a problem they know is happening right across the street from them.

Let’s talk London and the heavy increase in the past five years of nail salons popping up all over Soho and fine neighborhoods. But Scotland Yard is on it so is their government, they KNOW and suspect many nail shops in the UK are sex trafficking operations.

In Boston in 2011, reporter Phillip Martin did a documentary on nail shops in Boston and learned something disturbing. Nails by day-prostitution by night. It truly is happening here in America.

This is a news report from PA about two victims working in a salon.

Let’s talk Governor Rick Perry’s State: He has a SERIOUS epidemic of human and sex trafficking coming across the border from Nuevo Laredo to Laredo and Interstate 35…Juarez a haunted city where women are chopped, kidnapped, boiled, burned with diesel fuel, for sport with the drug cartels and shipped into the United States and transported by trucks across Interstate 35…WHY the HELL isn’t anyone in Texas talking about this? A genocide of women from 1993-present day cannot leave their homes after seven pm because they have no police protection…I’ve been told even AMERICAN Women have been brutally raped, chopped mutilated and burned in Juarez and Nuevo Laredo yet our country stays silent.. Please look at the map of Texas and see the hot-bedded areas, please?

But the number one state for sex trafficking is…GEORGIA

Young little boys and girls at the tender age of eleven are being thrown into the slave trade. There is an increase of Hispanic population in Georgia,in the past seven years and a 54% increase in reported trafficking cases.

So how do we stop it? Strengthen our borders? Get tough on crime? Strengthen the family?

Let’s start with the OBVIOUS: EDUCATION!

In books, in films, in our news reports, our school systems, in Congress, our state laws, and how we as a country have opened the back door for this activity and can no longer close it.  The beast has been fed for the past five years and by looking at the map above, the consequences are frightening. That isn’t weather patterns, the orange and red areas are for the most cases of human and sex trafficking. Notice the areas where there is a port? The entire EASTERN COASTLINE? Florida?

Polaris Project DC did this research along with the National Human Trafficking Resource Center and we simply should NOT ignore it.

Congressmen Rick Nolan D MN. and Dave Reichert R WA. and Senators Dick Durbin D Ill. and Orrin Hatch R UT, have introduced a bill called #Our Daughters are Not for Sale, a bill that will prevent trafficking victims from being treated as criminals and restructure the foster care system in our country by providing law enforcement with the education they need. According to the National Center of  Missing and exploited children, over 60% of foster care children are sexually abused and fall into the slave trade. if you are sexually abused night after night by the same relative or caretaker, why would you want to live at home? You’d run away and brave it hoping there would be someone you could trust. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen and these children gay, straight, transgender, doesn’t matter, they are sold from city to city-state to state here in America. Can we TALK ABOUT IT? Even the Attorney General’s office in the state of Washington along with 46 other states needs Congress to PAY ATTENTION and HELP! “According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, after drug dealing, human trafficking is tied with arms dealing as the second largest criminal industry in the world, generating about $32 billion each year.”

I just returned from vacation in Mexico and interviewed the Municipal Police Department in Los Cabos. It was quite fascinating because they too, are having the same issues in regards to human and sex trafficking. But this is very minor in Cabo. “It does happen, but not a large percent. The most Dangerous cities in Mexico are Guadalajara, Cuidad (City) of Juarez, and ‘Little town-big hell’ Sinaloa,” according to Officer Carlos Felipe Valencia. Officer Beatriz Nieto Ramirez, of nine years, claims most of the women and girls are placed in  protective custody, the Intra-Familia Violencia. This is much like a womens’ shelter but in many cities in Mexico, it is not always safe for the women either. Rumors claim many of the Intra Familia Violencia shelters, are prisons and the maidens who run them are abusing the women. “Violencia Intra Familiar”  is where female family members  go for protection whether a husband, father, uncle etc. have beaten, raped or caused trauma to the woman or child, They immediately separate them.”  

Officer Valencia continues, “Mexico police do not have probable cause or reasonable suspicion like The U.S. They cannot go into a public building and assume an arrest whether it is a massage parlor, nail salon, nite-club etc. They must go through the District Attorney’s office. 50% massage parlors illegal but its ‘sketchy’ because of the laws.”  


So how are women treated in Mexico? Depends on where you go, according to Los Cabos Municipal Police. “The laws in Mexico protect the mothers and all female civilians in cases of all robberies, rape, prostitution and  molestation. 85-90% of the problems come from the foster house.” —Officer Carlos Felipe Valencia

Well that sounds much like what is happening here in America according to Congressman Dave Reichert of Seattle WA where the epidemic of sex trafficking has increased in the past five years. “This issue of child sex trafficking is too big and too evil to ignore. The risks for our foster children, in particular, are far too high.  Not only do we have to change the conversation to recognize these children as victims, we must also take action.  As Chairman of the Human Resources subcommittee I will take that action, and I look forward to introducing legislation soon to address and prevent sex trafficking of foster youth.  We need something that will take decisive action and make a difference.”

You can go to his congressional website for more information.

I am pleased this bill is being introduced for two reasons-one because like Reichert says, what is happening is EVIL, ad two, it is a BIPARTISAN bill Congress actually agrees, but needs your support. The more you know, the faster this cure can grow. I feel what is truly disturbing to me is the women of Juarez and Nuevo Laredo. If you would like to see some footage, I do warn it is graphic in content.

Officer Valencia says, “We got a kidnapper in the city of Juarez, kidnapped raped punched, beat, and finally killed for no ransom. Women beheaded, gouged out finger nails, chopped up, and set on fire. These killers are more sociopath than psychopath. Women are not allowed to go outside after 7 pm in the city of Juarez because of the outbreak.”

Officer Valencia says the high number of kidnappings and ransom demands are very high in Mexico. He recounts his own experience dealing with a fake kidnapper. “I got a fake ransom call from a cell phone, and the guy said, ‘I got your wife and if you don’t pay me 250k pesos, I kill the wife.’ He used a fake recorder of a woman screaming help me, just like a movie. Then I call to my wife, and my wife answered the phone, I’m safe, I am waiting for you to come home for dinner and then I have to call to the federal emergency call and we prove that that number was from Sinaloa (about 20 hours away) and they said they got the number for a second time, and they captured and jailed the man.” 


So if we have a breakdown in the foster care system, what can we do to protect our countries’ children globally? In Malaysia, they have 13-year old girls being forced to marry their 40 year old rapists! You can’t make this ish up! Why isn’t the United Nations outraged over this?, a non profit organization that combats sex trafficking, has created a curriculum for our school system to educate children at their most vulnerable age. Most of these children are being manipulated, bullied and coerced into the slave trade in JUNIOR HIGH right under the parents’ nose, and even sometimes, an actual family member, sells the child. According to its website, ‘The curriculum describes various types of human trafficking (sex trafficking and labor trafficking; international and domestic trafficking; adult and child trafficking.  The course introduces students to international, foreign national and U.S. law and  policy on human trafficking, how to identify victims, and common health concerns among trafficking victims as background for a demand-related approach. The primary purpose of the program is to create age-appropriate modules to reach young men and boys to help them make informed choices and reduce the demand.  The curriculum includes a syllabus, teacher-training manual, basic materials and exercises, special in-class and extra-curricular projects; and inter-active media technologies activities.  Curriculum is complete and ready to be piloted.’

So WHAT IS CONGRESS and the DEPT. of EDUCATION waiting for? In Memphis Tennesee…

To show this DOES happen in middle schools, watch this clip:


Officer Valencia hopes Mexico will work with the United States to combat this growing problem. One way they are doing this, is to ease fears about Mexican police. “The proximity police, is working to put information out for citizens and civilians  to lower the crime rate. We put the emergency phone numbers from the commanders and police officers, to stay more in touch and go to the houses of the colonies (suburbs housing communities) to speak with the persons what  problems are on the surface. 2000-present day. Crime reduction has been reduced by 65% under this program. Here in Cabo, the Mexican Federal Government pronounced Cabo San Lucas one of “the safest places in Mexico. However, the most dangerous places  are Senaloa, Guadalajara, and the City of Juarez, (Near borderlands of US. and Mexico.) Senaloa have the highest rates of drug dealers, cartels, drug trafficking,and the highest number of police officer deaths.”

Are there crooked cops in Sinaloa or Juarez?  “Possibly. The city of Juarez have the highest rates of sex trafficking, woman rapes, and women killing.”


But in Cabo, Officer Valencia tells a gentler story. “We are gentle police force of social police officers. If you are completely drunk, the alcohol that you have on your brain goes down to your feet, if you watch a police Officer in Cabo.”    

The two of us plan to keep working on keeping the lines of communication open  to help educate what really happens. “The first step of everything…is to do something.” Many trafficking victims can spread sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS is back on the rise and many girls are HIV positive before the age of 16. 

So if we sit and do nothing, imagine what that number will be from 2013-2018? If traffickers populate the US in businesses that we Americans fund unknowingly, we are creating the problem. Imagine a twelve year old girl screaming, “God please help me…”

Will you listen?

Paul Walker: “When you put goodwill out there, its amazing what can be accomplished.” 9/12/1973-11/30/2013

Image Oh I am going to miss that million dollar smile that would make me go weak in the knees since I first saw Paul Walker. I saw him on the Young and the Restless years ago, and I kept yelling at the TV, Victor Newman picked the right guy for Victoria and she wants Ryan? OY!:) The true example of a kind-hearted man who never fell victim to the dark side of Hollywood and lived his life honestly and without any regrets. To look at this beautiful human being and all of the wonderful things he’s done for others, just goes to show you can live by his example: Go big or go home. And he did definitely did that. 

Everyone who personally knows me, knows how much I wanted to work with Paul one day ever since I saw him in Flags of our Fathers. I wanted to write a character  that was worthy of his humanitarian work and show good things can be done on the silver screen by exposing the evils on earth and how we all need a hero who stands up when some of us are too afraid to do so. My desire to bring sex trafficking awareness to the forefront in cinema and in my novels is tantamount because its an ongoing evil that must be battled, and the more who become educated with it, perhaps we can crush it. 

In the movie, Pawn Shop chronicles, (watch it his performance is hysterical as a southern white supremacist meth addict) there’s a scene in regards to ‘naked zombie women’ but what those naked zombie women really are, is trafficking victims kept in animal cages by Elijah Wood’s character and its a frightening realization that occurs much more often than you think. Paul was one of the producers of the film and while it has rip-roaring funny moments, there are some very surreal macabre ones that let you know, ‘yes, this does goes on even in a small southern town.’  While many critics didn’t understand it…(I swear when I finish film school I am going to rewrite the manual on what good cinema is because many critics have forgotten.) It was like Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt and shows bad people  under the nose of a small town getting what is coming to them. 

I think it is truly fair to say that Paul’s legacy will be not only for his beautiful looks, or love for fast cars, but just for his simple attitude about life and helping those who have less.  He appreciated the little things  and that truly is refreshing. From his choice of dress which was  Jeans, puma tennis shoes, a plaid shirt and a sweet smile. That’s it. No bling, no fancy crap, just that shining aura around a simple man who was so down to earth, that he preferred hanging out at small eateries and local bars with close friends and family than partying in tinsel town. He’d travel all around the world being an acting participant in inoculating children, or traveling with Jean-Michel Cousteau tagging sharks; petting  lions on safari…just a love for life, nature and appreciating it.

 This man one time actually bought an engagement ring for a U.S. Soldier to give to his bride because he couldn’t afford to buy the one she wanted. They didn’t even know he was in the jewelry store, and he told the clerk to put it on his account. In the bible, our gracious Good Lord says in Matthew 6:3, “But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you..” That was Paul Walker. For years he’s been giving to others. His organization, Reach Out World Wide or has been giving disaster relief since 2010. 

 I am just blown away by his generosity and the size of his heart. He was just too good and too beautiful for this cold world, but his shining smile will live on in the many hearts of his fans, colleagues, friends and family. With Christmas almost here, we all give back because it’s the season. But Paul and his team at ROWW, give throughout. He reminds us: “When you put goodwill out there, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.”


For Roger Rodas, his friend and business partner at Always Evolving, he too, lost his life in the tragedy and his family too, is hurting. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers he is riding with Paul up there in the clouds at peace. 


The best way to honor this man, I feel, is to follow his example. Universal Studios is donating a percentage of the Fast 6 movie when it is released next week to ROWW in honor of Paul’s charity. I think that is a great start.  It’s a wonderful thing to know that even Hollywood, fame, and fortune couldn’t tarnish this man’s beliefs or what truly was important to him. He loved the ocean, had an adrenaline rush for life, loved his family and he lived every day like it was his last. We all, should remember to do that because we never know. Hours is released December 13 and it will be very cathartic watching his performance just as it was for me seeing Heath ledger’s in the Dark Knight. Both untimely deaths are just too shocking to be believed.

But Paul said it, so we should all embrace it-


“If the speed kills me, don’t cry because I will be smiling.”

 I sincerely believe it.

If you would like to donate to ROWW  and 

God Bless Paul Walker’s family, friends and fans. Thank you Paul for your years of entertaining us, to your own personal stunt work, to that gorgeous smile, your grace and kindness and the immeasurable size of your loving spirit. You have touched so many in such a short time, and you will never be forgotten.

Should Congress serve only Two Terms like POTUS?

I can’t take it anymore. No seriously, the more I learn about how our government refuses to do their job, the more disgusted I become. Congress is guaranteed a paycheck and still has the power to yank everybody else’s. That seems fair and balanced, doesn’t it?

During the Great Depression, congress decided on two four year term limits for the presidency because if we didn’t, FDR would’ve prevented any republican from getting a chance to become POTUS. Now that’s not being snarky, that is a fact. So why shouldn’t we have the body of the Senate and the House follow the same rules? I mean, there have been senators and congressmen up on Capitol Hill for over three decades. Let’s DRAIN THE SWAMP!  Do you agree?

We cannot possibly achieve harmonious bi-partisanship if we keep re-electing the same greedy politicians just because there’s a jack-ass or a pink elephant by their names. We as citizens, need to carefully re-examine the dysfunctional government we’ve built and why.

Why are politicians pushing the, “My God is better than your God” spin, or this one, “Democrats are the ENEMY!”  “Republicans are anti American”? Guess what, There is no such thing as FAIR and BALANCED in media, magazines, Congress, the White House, or even in our own backyards because propaganda noise has replaced the truth with opinion saturating our own ideals and beliefs with sharp-edged words that cuts and bleeds our nation.

When an eighty-nine year old World War II vet says this to me at the Post Office, my brain tells me its time for Washington to wake the Eff UP!

 “This isn’t what I went to Normandy for. Everybody is pro-military in DC when they want to get elected or need a photo-op to look like a hero, yet I’m the one who stuck my ass out there so they could come to Washington and take away my benefits. None of them understand what it means to be a true American of this country. We all worked together it didn’t matter what your political preference was, we stood together. It’s a damn shame.”

Now, think you will hear that type of rhetoric from politicians or media? I doubt it. As a member of No Labels, I propose we push for term limits. Like the POTUS, your in Congress for TWO TERMS. That way, nobody is bought by special interests, big money and if they are, we get them out QUICK. Gerrymandering is a complete and utter joke. Having a majority in a party, isn’t always the best idea. I was a moderate democrat until 2005 now I am just a centrist independent and consider myself as purple as they come or as one of my hero writers once said to quote Norman Lear, “I am a bleeding heart conservative.” And I have serious concerns.

Money controls Congress by their scrawny balls and until the people of America stop listening to the noise machines on public radio and cable that are all backed by corporate agenda and push for term limits, a third party split is inevitable.

I personally feel, there shouldn’t be ANY labels because we all live in this country- unlike Ted Cruz who claims democrats are the ENEMY. Anyone who deliberately wants to divide  Americans against one another because of their political beliefs and refuse to compromise with their fellow neighbor, is truthfully, not a team player and as ANTI-American as you can get!

The greatest Generation of Americans are dying every single day and this is their reward—a divided country and neighbor. If you compromise, your NOT a true REPUBLICAN. If you don’t support Obama, you are NOT A TRUE DEMOCRAT. If you don’t say anything you are a COWARD. Since when were we all raised to think and believe like everyone else? Sounds more about pride and the Id instead of doing what is best for all Americans-and its political suicide.

So let’s take a poll…I am not with a PRO Democrat research company nor do I work for Dick (Idiot) Morris. I am just an American like you who is fed up with the bullying blow-tards trying to get their 15 minutes of fame on news shows pushing propaganda and not facts! Tired of all the lies and greed in DC.

So I ask…Should Congress serve ONLY two terms like the POTUS? Yes or no Now I must get back to my mid term studying. Peace Red and blue-let’s mix em and become purple since those states ARE the ones that decide elections in the first place. Please moderate centrist republicans, stop being afraid to think for yourself! A politician who stays in the center, is WILLING to represent ALL Americans…not a clique! CHALLENGE those who call you a RINO because you’re not! You are a courageous American who is willing to speak for what is right…not just what is on the platform agenda of the day. Democrats too. If too many far left speak over moderates, not one bit of compromise will be made. PERIOD.

Are Criminals born not made?

A bizarre question to ask, yes?

Apparently not. How many of you were surprised by the shooting today in DC? Such a horrific tragedy. 12 people dead plus the shooter a former Naval Veteran. I won’t even mention the shooter’s name because to me, the last thing I want to do is draw attention to him and divert away from the main issue here:

Are criminals born not made?

According to biological theorists Charles Darwin,(1809-1882) criminals are born not made because of your genetetic make up.  Patricia Jacobs (1934-) agrees. She believes there’s such a thing as a supermale because those who commits crimes have an extra Y chromosome. Franz Gall believes in Phrenology and Cesare Lombroso(1835-1909) the father of criminology, examined the cadavers of executed criminals believing their skulls were larger. Does this shock you?

It shocked me too. I’ve always believed that most criminals were made from their upbringing-their sense of morality and values. But with all of the shootings lately, I am not so sure anymore. We’ve had over five very violent acts committed against innocent Americans in the past sixteen months-Sandy Hook, Aurora, Denver Co, Texas, Boston, and now DC.  But Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier, stated as of now there’s “no known motive for the shootings.”

This man bought used weapons  legally, then went to the Navy yard on the third and fourth floors, and open fired on innocent people with no escape plan. In other words, this new breed of criminals, have no fear of dying or taking someone else’s life regardless. So how do we stop it?  We can’t seem to fight terrorists because they’re waiting for thousands of virgins  to welcome them with open arms! Do we throw billions of dollars to another analogy on why this is happening?  Did the devil make him do it? Is he’s nuts? A sociopath?  A skilled, military vet who was studying aeronautics, had access to a top security military base even while living in the state of Texas.

To those who believe to own their assault weapons is their right-(I too, am a gun owner) yeah, as it was this man’s God given right, yes?  A former military officer who decided to go on a killing rampage and took the lives of 12 innocent people.  If we as a society are supposed to protect the majority of citizens of America, and we as a republic have the overall right to do what is necessary to protect so there is a safe environment for all, then why hasn’t the House  or even the Senate, who was on mandatory lock-down for hours, agreed that it could have been any one of them who was killed today-or one of their loved ones instead of blaming the Executive Branch? That doesn’t fly with me because Congress MAKES THE LAWS! 

For Michael Arnold, age 59; Sylvia Frasier, age 53; Kathy Gaarde, age 62; John Roger Johnson, age 73; Frank Kohler, age50; Kenneth Bernard Proctor, age 46; and Vishnu Pandit, age 61, their lives are over while our broken system continues to argue and shift blame over ‘rights’ being compromised…what about these innocent people? How sick is that, seriously?

What happened to moral responsibility to the social contract we all have with society to live freely as Americans?

If we want to stop crime, why are we continuing to make it EASY for crime to be committed? Cesare Becharria (1738-1794) who’s Classical School of Criminology influenced our own founding fathers while writing the Bill of Rights, believed in crime and punishment and that we all have ‘free will‘ to commit these heinous, acts.  We also have ‘free will to stop it, do we not? Legislative Branch, are you listening? You make the why won’t you be a problem solver not an instigator?

I’m slowly beginning to agree with my Criminal Justice professor-“You want to make a ton of money and do absolutely nothing to earn it? Become a politician.”